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Uncommon Green Upgrades for Your Car

As you know, the car you drive says a lot about you.  While you may choose a car based on several factors such as price, fuel efficiency, driver reviews, and crash test ratings, at the end of the day you want your car to look cool.  Is it possible to keep the cool in your car and make some environmentally friendly changes to your ride?  Thanks to modern technology this pairing may now be [...]

By |2022-07-27T22:21:42+00:00July 9, 2022|Automotive Info|Comments Off on Uncommon Green Upgrades for Your Car

Auto Maintenance Myths

Maintaining your vehicle is an important component in extending its life, but there are some common misconceptions about how much you need to do on a regular basis. Most of the work that your parents had done regularly on their cars is unnecessary with modern, more efficient vehicles. Here are some tips your dad may have given you that no longer fit the bill: “Change the oil every 3000 miles.”  Although the recommended interval [...]

By |2022-06-20T18:56:16+00:00June 12, 2022|Automotive Info|Comments Off on Auto Maintenance Myths

What Takes Place During an Engine Diagnostics Test?

Most people know what an engine diagnostics test is. When your check engine light comes on and you pull into an auto shop to get it diagnosed, the clerk will bring out a device to hook up to your car and the device will show a set of diagnostic codes. Car diagnostic tools use specialized software to quickly and accurately point to problem areas in a car's engine or elsewhere, thanks to built-in processors, [...]

By |2022-06-09T16:08:53+00:00May 11, 2022|Automotive Info|Comments Off on What Takes Place During an Engine Diagnostics Test?

Why Is My Car Squealing?

Driving your car can be an adventure, but when your car suddenly makes a strange noise, it becomes an opportunity to learn more about how your car works. Ever wonder why your car is making an alarming squealing sound when you turn it on? What could be the cause? Are there any solutions to remedy the problem? Is it expensive to fix? Let’s answer these questions, look at why your car engine could be [...]

By |2022-04-20T21:22:16+00:00April 12, 2022|Auto Repair|Comments Off on Why Is My Car Squealing?

What Does the Drive Shaft Do?

As part of the drive train in your vehicle, the drive shaft is responsible for torque. Also known as the propeller or prop shaft, here’s some more about how it works from the Riverton Master Muffler team. How It Works Have you ever given thought to what makes your car actually go when you press the gas pedal? How does energy move through your vehicle and make the wheels turn? The drive train is [...]

By |2022-03-29T19:42:19+00:00March 11, 2022|Auto Repair|Comments Off on What Does the Drive Shaft Do?

Spark Plugs: The Basics

Light My Fire If you are a student of automobiles, you are likely familiar with how the gasoline engine works. In case you need a quick reminder, the car combines air with gasoline vapors to make a dense mixture that is then compressed in the engine’s central chamber before it is ignited by a spark plug. The resulting explosion generates force and energy which then powers the car. If we were to pinpoint the [...]

By |2021-12-24T02:53:01+00:00January 3, 2022|Automotive Info|Comments Off on Spark Plugs: The Basics

The 10 Most Common Auto Repairs

More Problems, More Money Life is all about compromises. Newlyweds might decide that Thanksgiving is for one family, while Christmas is for the other, or senators might have to scratch each other’s back in order to get a bill passed.  A car is like one giant compromise on four wheels. In exchange for the autonomy to go wherever we please, whenever we please, we promise to attend to the car’s needs when they arise. [...]

By |2021-12-13T01:48:01+00:00December 13, 2021|Auto Repair|Comments Off on The 10 Most Common Auto Repairs

Learning the Basics: The Emissions System

A Miracle of Precision When you stop to think about it, a car is quite the machine. Like a symphony made up of different instruments, all playing in harmony, your vehicle is a marvel of A-to-B-to-C processes that both work independently and in tandem with one another while also starting, finishing, and starting the loop all over again. Perhaps there is no better display of this than in your vehicle’s emissions system. From the [...]

By |2021-11-12T21:27:50+00:00November 12, 2021|Safety and Emissions|Comments Off on Learning the Basics: The Emissions System

The World’s Favorite Toy: The History of Cars

The history of the automobile is the history of man’s obsession with innovation, precision, and, moving really, really fast. From the invention of the wheel to the creation of the internal combustion engine and beyond, there have been gearheads who have dreamed of all the places we’d go. Of course, one doesn’t have to know the intricate history of the car in order to rely on it for the entirety of their lives — [...]

By |2021-10-10T00:32:08+00:00October 7, 2021|Automotive Info|Comments Off on The World’s Favorite Toy: The History of Cars

Essential Roadside Signs Every Car Owner Should Know

Every club, every experience, every distinction, comes with its own special set of terminology, and driving is no exception. The driver’s license, in fact, doesn’t just indicate that someone has been granted permission to drive based on how well they operate a car, but also on how well they understand the special lingo that goes along with that responsibility.  “Hey, I didn’t learn any special words or phrases before I took my driving test,” [...]

By |2021-09-13T22:53:05+00:00September 7, 2021|Driving Safety|Comments Off on Essential Roadside Signs Every Car Owner Should Know
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