Keeping Your Vehicle Healthy

Auto Tune Up

A tune up is an important preventative maintenance service that is routinely carried out to ensure a vehicle continues to perform well. Over time, your vehicle experiences significant wear and tear, and components large and small begin to age less than gracefully. Fluids, filters, and smaller odds and ends need attention to make sure your vehicle systems are in proper working order. At Master Muffler, we perform comprehensive tune ups so your car is primed and ready to go from bumper to bumper.

When Does Your Vehicle Need a Tune Up?

Again, a tune up is a general maintenance measure and covers nearly the entire vehicle. There are many signs that something might be amiss and warrant a professional tune up performed by a qualified Utah mechanic. Such signs include:

  • Illuminated warning lights
  • Vehicle stalling
  • Hard starts
  • Strange sounds
  • Rough gear shifts (even with an automatic engine)
  • Vibration while driving
  • Burning smells
  • Sluggish performance
  • Decreased fuel economy

It is recommended that car owners get their vehicle tuned-up every 10,0000-12,000 miles. If you are within that window or are experiencing unexplained issues, bring your car into Master Muffler Riverton, today!

Does something feel wrong?

Getting the most performance out of your car requires attentive care. That is exactly what we provide. Come visit us for a tune-up.

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Full Service Tuneup

Replacing spark plugs

Here is what you can expect from a Master Muffler Riverton tune up:

  • Change the Spark Plugs
  • Change the Fuel Filter
  • Replace the Distributor Cap (if needed)
  • Check spark plug wires (replace if needed)
  • Check the belts (replace if needed)
  • Check the battery
  • Check oxygen sensors (replace if needed)
  • Replace the air filter (if needed)
  • Replace the PCV valve (if needed)
  • Change the distributor rotor (older model vehicles)
  • Check the Coil or Coil packs (replace if needed)
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